Information For Those Who Are New To Single Parenting

Being a single parent is the most difficult job that many people will ever have. Not only are your solely responsible for the financial well being of your family, but you are also responsible for making sure that their emotional needs are met as well.

Trying to be both the mother and the father in the family can be trying and exhausting at time, often causing single parents to break down.

Single parenthood does not have to be so difficult however. The information below can give you an idea of single parent statistics, the trials that you will face, and the help that is available if you are new to single parenting.

Single Parent Statistics

More than 13 million adults in the United States are now single parents according to the Census Bureau 2005 survey. Of these 13 million parents, approximately 84 percent are women, and 79 percent of those women work at least part time in an effort to make a living for their children. Of the 16 percent of single parents who are men, 94 percent of them work at least part time as well.

Only six percent of single parents are on cash assistance from the government, and only 30 percent are on any type of assistance at all. These are comforting statistics especially for women faced with raising a family alone. It proves that millions of women each day are capable of providing for their children alone, and the majority of them do it without any help at all.

Trials Faced in Single Parenthood

Aside from the common trials such as financial issues and the emotional feelings of loss and exhaustion, single parents face many other trials as well. For instance, children in single parent homes are more likely to develop delinquent behaviors and turn to things like drugs, alcohol, and premarital sex in their search to find comfort.

Meanwhile, single parents may face discrimination from employers who do not wish to employ a single parent. Individuals who are new to single parenting often struggle at first with trying to juggle everything at once while being both the mother and the father. These trials can often cause a single parent to think it is possible to create a happy and healthy family life, but it is not.

What Help is Available?

Although single parenthood is not without its trials, it is also not without its assistance. There are a wide variety of both governmental and local programs available to assist those who are new single parents. From programs that offer counseling, to those who help provide food, childcare, and housing, a single parent is able to find all of the help they need if they are willing to accept it.

Single parenting is not an easy task. However, it can be quite rewarding for those who take the time to accept their situation, take the help that is offered, and get started on the right foot to creating a loving home environment for their children.

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