Everything You Need To Know About Government Daycare Assistance

For single parents, one of the hardest things to deal with is the costs associated with daycare. Often, daycare expenses can take 50 percent or more of a single parents’ wages, and this can leave them with insufficient funds to pay bills and purchase the necessities. If an individual is not receiving child support, that can further complicate things. Luckily, there are government daycare assistance programs in place within most states, and these programs help to provide funds to single parents that will pay the full or partial costs of their child care needs.

What Can Government Daycare Assistance Do for You?

With the monthly cost for one child to attend daycare rising above $500, it is easy to see why single parents with multiple children find it impossible to make a living. Since most single parents bring in a yearly income of only $28,000 or less, childcare services can easily eat up available funds.

Government daycare assistance can allow single parents to provide a better way of life for their children. Without the burdening costs of daycare, parents are free to use their entire paycheck in order to pay the bills, buy food, or purchase extras for the household. Without this money, many parents would need to be on additional forms of government assistance as well.

How to Apply for Government Daycare Assistance

Applying for government assistance for daycare is actually quite simple. In fact, all that needs to be done is to locate the local office and apply for available funds. The easiest way to locate the local resources that are available in your area is to dial 2-1-1 from a touch tone phone. The operator on the other end will be able to provide you with the contact information for the appropriate agency.

When going in to apply, it is important to bring in identification for yourself and your children, as well as child support, divorce, and income information as well. All of this will be needed in order to judge your eligibility. In some cases, if you are already receiving aid such as cash assistance through TANF, you will automatically receive child care assistance without having to apply elsewhere.

Qualifying for Government Assistance for Daycare

Applying for government daycare assistance may be simple, but receiving it may not be as easy. In most cases, parents are only eligible for funding if they current have at least a part time job or are in school full time. While some agencies will offer childcare funds to help a parent find a job, this is not the norm.

In addition, in order to qualify for assistance, you may need to meet other requirements such as showing proof of receiving child support or filing with child support enforcement. Your income must also not exceed a certain amount if you are to be eligible to receive help. Even if you do apply and qualify for available assistance, there may not be funds available at the time which can cause you to be placed on a waiting list.

Government assistance for daycare is available throughout the United States. With this help, single parents are able to get back on their feet and keep a larger part of their pay each month. This allows single parent households to have a better lifestyle. These assistance programs are a tremendous help to those who qualify for their funds.

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