Realize Your Dream Of Returning To School

Many single mothers dream about returning to school in order to get their degree each year. However, once they consider the cost that is involved, they usually give up on the idea. There are grants for single moms that can make returning to school affordable though, and can help to not only pay for tuition and supplies but can offset the cost of childcare and other expenses as well. If you are a single mom who has dreamed of returning to school, then the information below can help you on your way.

Why Choose Grants for Single Mothers?

Some single moms may wonder why it is better to pursue grants for single moms rather than looking into other forms of financial aid such as scholarships and loans. Grants are funds that never have to be paid back; this makes them far more valuable to a single parent than a loan which will eventually require you to begin repayment.

Scholarships are free money as well, but they are more difficult to locate, apply for, and receive than grants. Many grants are publicly available, and the application process is simple as well. There are no eligibility requirements that will disqualify you based on race, gender, or other characteristics like several scholarships do. All these reasons point to why you should choose grants above all other forms of financial aid for school.

Pell Grants for Single Mothers

Perhaps the most well known of all grants, is the Pell Grant. This is a grant program offered by the federal government, which offers over $5000 a year for education if you qualify. It is a well known and easily accessible grant which makes it possible for many single mothers to return to school each year.

To apply for Pell Grants for single mothers, you simple have to fill out the FAFSA form which can be done online or at home and mailed in later. Once you have filled out this form, the government will decide based on your income and other requirements how much of the Pell Grant you qualify to receive. This money will be given to your school to cover tuition and other expenses. If there is money left over from the grant when the school has taken its share, then those funds will be disbursed to the student to use as needed.

Finding Other Grants for Single Moms

Other grants for single mothers do exist in order to help you return to school. Different state governments, schools, and local organizations offer educational grants as well. If you visit your school’s financial aid office, a counselor there will be able to notify you of any available programs that you can qualify for.

These grants will still offer you funds that do not have to be paid back, but they will offer you less money and there may be more strict eligibility requirements that must be met. There is no limit on the amount of grants that you can receive in a given year to supplement the costs of an education, so there is no harm in applying for as many as possible.

Grants for single mothers are a wonderful tool to be used when you dream of returning to school. A degree will offer you the chance to provide a better way of life for your children, and education grants can help you in your pursuit. Both Pell Grants for single mothers and other locally offered grants can be combined in an effort to give you the greatest financial support while in school.

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