A Guide To Money For Single Moms

Being a single mom is a tough job, which can be made even harder when faced with financial troubles. There are many programs and funds that are available in order to help single mothers get back on their feet and provide for their family’s needs. Depending on your current situation and what you need the money for, there are various forms of aid which you can qualify for. Below you will find three of the most common forms of assistance and how they can be used.

Government Assistance

The most commonly utilized money for single mothers is government assistance. Aid is available to help single moms with various different needs. Temporary Assistance for Needy Families or TANF provides money for food and other essentials to low income homes on a monthly basis. The money is deposited on a card each month which can be used at any credit card machine in the grocery stores.

Other government money for single moms provides funds to pay for child care expenses, clothing, and transportation so that mothers can get a good job to provide for their family with. These government funds can be applied for at different organization’s offices and online.


Grants can be a wonderful and helpful tool for single moms who want to return to school. The Pell Grant offers money for single moms, and pays more than $5000 to the individuals’ school if they are eligible. This money will pay for tuition, books, and supplies, and any additional money is refunded to the student.

Additional grants can be found using a grant search database online. These funds are harder to locate and even harder to apply for, but they offer money for single mothers to go to school, purchase a home, or even start a business. Although a professional looking proposal must be written in order to apply for these specialized funds, any single mom can create one of her own with practice and perseverance.

Scholarships and Loans

Money for single moms such as scholarships and loans also allow a single mom to further her education without putting strain on her financial situation. Scholarships do not have to ever be paid back, and can be located through local organizations, schools, or online. Student loans are available from the government which do have to be repaid, but the terms are flexible and worth it in return for a college degree.

Loans from banks and private institutes are available as a last resort to help a single mom who does not qualify for other forms of assistance. These loans can give you the funds that you need to take care of bills until you are able to get back on your feet.

Money for single mothers is easy to find if you know where to look. With the growing number of single parents each year, the government has realized how important it is to help support and protect the interests of the single parent family. Government assistance, grants, loans, and scholarships are all available to help a single mom carve out a better life for her family and get back on her feet after being tossed into a difficult situation.

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