The Negative Effects Of Single Parenting

There are good aspects of single parenting, but often it is easier to focus on the negative aspects that come with the situation. The negative effects of single parenting are so numerous and difficult, that they often outweigh the good on a day to day basis. Below you will find some of the most difficult negative single parenting effects to overcome.

A Difficult Financial Situation

Single parenting often leaves the custodial parent with a large financial burden to carry. This is probably one of the most prevalent negative effects of single parenting, and it can be a very difficult one to conquer. Losing an entire income and often not receiving child support can be more than enough to bury a single parent under a mountain of overdue bills.

Although there is financial help available, many single parents will be disqualified due to their income even though it is not sufficient enough to support their family. Child care costs are another financial problem that single parents must deal with, often taking more than half of their earned income.

A Lack of Supervision

One of the most dangerous negative single parenting effects is the lack of supervision for the children that is often created as a result of the situation. Most single parents will have to take a second job or increase their weekly hours in an effort to make ends meet each month. This time away gives the children the opportunity to stray and fall into behaviors that are far from ideal.

Children who suffer from a lack of supervision in a single parent home are at risk for doing poorly in school. Their grades will drop, and they will begin to get referrals for behavior as well. These same children are often at a greater risk to becoming involved with drugs, alcohol, crime, and even premarital sex. Once a child falls into a lifestyle that is less than ideal, it is difficult to pull them back out. This is where many of the negative ideas about single parenting come from, but unfortunately it is due in part to a parent doing what they must to provide for their child.

Misplaced Anger and Resentment

Another one of the most common negative effects of single parenting is the ability of a child to develop misplaced feelings of anger and resentment toward their custodial parent. If a child is unable to clearly understand why the decision to separate the family was made, they can become angry and resentful towards the parent they live with.

These feelings can be overcome through counseling, but without the proper help, a child will forge a permanent barrier between themelf and their parent which will be almost impossible to dissolve. When this happens, they develop an increased risk of adapting delinquent behaviors.

The negative effects of single parenting are often hard to overcome, although not impossible. If a parent takes the proper steps, they can avoid the negative single parenting effects above, and create a loving environment for their child.

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