The Positive Effects Of Single Parenting

With all of the hardships and trials that come from single parenting, and the many negative clich├ęs placed upon it, it is simple for many people to overlook the positive effects of single parenting. The fact is though, that there are many good things that can come from a parent raising a child alone. While there are negative effects as well, sometimes the good can far outweigh the bad.

An End to Arguing

In many two parent households, arguing is the main event of the day. When a relationship begins to go bad, parents can often be found arguing about everything and anything at any time of the day. Unfortunately, it is always the children who are caught in the middle and subjected to hearing the bickering every day.

One of the positive single parenting effects is that it allows for an escape from the constant screaming and yelling. A child can instantly find themselves transported from a broken home, to a house that is filled with nothing but love and kind words. It is far better emotionally for a child to be in a loving home, then one that is filled with fighting.

A Chance to Excel

In a safer and more nurturing environment, both the parent and child are given the chance to excel in a single parent household. The parent may no longer feel threatened or withdrawn, and can realize their dream of pursuing a better job, returning to school, or even taking up a hobby they have always desired.

Children are able to thrive as well in a home that is no longer drenched in anger. They will often begin to do better in school, and may once again find joy in extra-curricular activities that they participate in. The freedom and closer bond that single parenting provides, is just one of the positive effects of single parenting that make it possible for both parent and child to have a better life.

Better Self Esteem

One of the best positive single parenting effects is the ability to allow the custodial parent to build better self esteem. When a relationship is bad, the submissive partner will begin to lose self worth and will stop doing anything that once made them feel good about themself.

Once a single parent gets out on their own and begins to rediscover themselves and their likes once again, they are able to rebuild their lost self esteem. This gives them the courage they need to accomplish tasks that they never thought possible, and to build a better life for their children.

No one can argue that there are negative aspects of being a single parent. However, there are also many positive effects of single parenting which make it well worth the effort and struggle. The benefits listed above are just a few of the ones that make single parenthood a good choice for some.

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