Learn Your Rights As A Single Mother

As a single mother, it can be difficult to feel as though you have been left alone and abandoned. These feelings can often lead to confusion and depression as a single mom searches for a way to make sense of her new situation, and learn what her next move should be. However, there are several single mothers’ rights that will allow a woman to better understand what she is entitled to, and what needs to be done in order to provide the best life possible for her children.

Single Mothers Legal Rights

Even though a single mother may be left with all of the responsibility, she is not without rights. Even women who were not legally married to the father of their child is entitled to basic unwed mothers rights which can help her support her family.

All single mothers under the law of each state in the nation have the legal right to apply for child support. Once the father of the child is out of the picture, a mother can visit the child support enforcement office in their city in order to gain a court order or help in collecting child support payments. These offices have the means to find ways in which to make the fathers pay their support, and will act as a representative on behalf of the mothers whether they were married or not.

As a single mom, one of the biggest fears you may have is having your children taken away in a custody battle. Rest assured however, that your single mothers legal rights will protect you should your case ever come before a court. In order for a judge to award custody to the father, he would have to prove beyond a doubt that you are an unfit mother.

Single Mother Rights for Financial Assistance

Single mothers also have the right to apply for financial assistance from the government and local agencies as needed. Even if a single mom who was recently thrust back into the job field is unemployed, she still has the basic rights to apply for the assistance that she needs.

Agencies like the Department of Children and Families can help a single mother receive monetary and service related assistance until she gets back on her feet. Even if the mother is still legally married, but the husband is no longer living at home she can apply for aid.

Unwed Mothers Rights to Employment

Many companies are unwilling or unlikely to hire an unwed single mother. This is because they have stereotyped single moms into a certain category that they deemed high risk as far as employment goes. However, it is illegal for any company to discriminate against a woman solely because she is parenting a child alone. If you feel that you are a victim of such discrimination, then it is best to seek help from a professional who knows about single mothers rights to employment.

There are a number of basic single mother rights that all women who are raising a child on their own are entitled to. These rights are put into place to protect single mothers, and to help them to get on their feet and provide a healthy and happy life for their children.

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