Statistics On Single Mothers In The United States

Many people are interested in statistics on single mothers in the United States. It is apparent that the number of single moms grows with each passing year, but further information may help individuals understand the role that these mothers place in society today. Below you will find single mother statistics, covering a variety of information about their lifestyle and households.

Basic Single Mother Statistics

The first set of statistics on single mothers that should be observed are the basics, such as how many are currently located in this nation and how they became single parents to begin with. According to a study completed in 2005, there are 13.6 million single parents in the country, 84 percent are single mothers. This shows just how prevalent single moms are in today’s society.

Of this vast number of single moms, 44 percent are divorced, 33 percent were never married, 22 percent are married but separated, and only 1 percent are widows. In the age of women’s equality issues, it is becoming apparent that women are more and more willing to stand on their own two feet and raise a family alone, when things do not work out with their partner.

Financial Statistics on Single Mothers

Although there are a large number of single mothers in the nation today, they are not putting a huge financial strain on the country as many people think. In fact, 79 percent of them are employed at least part time in an effort to supply funds for their family.

It is also a common misconception that single mothers and their children live in poverty, and accept financial assistance for their everyday needs. This is not true however, and only 27 percent of single mothers live below the poverty level.

Of the many single moms, less than 31 percent are on financial assistance of some kind, and only a measly six percent are receiving monetary funds from the government. These numbers are consistent with those of two parent families who receive assistance, proving that single parents are no more likely to be on assistance than normal two parent households.

Tying It All Together

When it comes to single mothers, statistics help society better understand where they are coming from. It also helps individuals become less judgmental of a single mother, as they can easily see that the majority of them are working hard to give their children the life they deserve.

To sum up the statistics on single mothers, it is possible to conclude that most of them hold at least a part time job, do not take financial assistance from the government, and continue to support their children in growing numbers each year.

Being a single mother is a difficult task to undertake. However, according to single mother statistics it has been shown that more and more mothers are taking on that task, and doing a wonderful job of supporting their family without assistance each year.

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