Single Parent Scholarships And Grants For School

Many single parents struggle with their financial situation each year. This is because a lot of single parents today did not get the chance to finish a college degree which would allow them to receive a higher rate of pay and better benefits. It is possible with single parent schools grants and scholarships to return to school and finish the degree you have always wanted. The information below will tell you all you need to know about the funds that are available to help you further your education as a single parent.

Single Parent School Grants

The federal government has many grants available for single parents who are looking to go to college. These grants are available to everyone in the United States, and can offer more than $5000 each year to those who qualify based on income and other defining factors. The funds are set up through a system that makes it easy to apply for and receive the help you need.

The Federal Pell Grant is the most well known government grant, and is available each year that you are actively enrolled in school. To apply for this money, all you have to do is fill out a FAFSA online or at your schools’ financial aid office and include information from your most recent tax return. You will be notified if you qualify and the funds will be sent directly to the school to cover the costs

associated with your education.

Single parent school grants can also be located at the school that you wish to attend. Often individual schools or local government branches will offer grants that single parents can qualify for. The financial aid office can help make you aware of these funds, and can assist you in applying for them as well.

Scholarships for Single Parents

In addition to single parent school grants, there are also scholarships available that can help cover the cost of an education. These funds can be located in a variety of ways, and can cover the remaining money that is needed after the grants have been given.

Scholarships are available based on a wide variety of criteria, including your race, religion, field of interest, income, and age. Each scholarship will have its own unique guidelines for application, and you will have to apply separately for each scholarship that you hope to receive.

A database of scholarships that are available nationwide can be found online. While you can also locate these funds with books at your library or through your school’s financial aid office, the database online is much more comprehensive and has a search function as well.

Single parent scholarships and grants are available to make your dream of continuing your education a reality. With a little bit of effort and luck, you can receive the money you need to cover the costs associated with tuition, books, child care, and lost hours at work. Returning to school and receiving a degree is the first step in creating a better life for your children as a single parent.

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