The Effects Of Single Parenting On Children, Parents, And Society

Single parenting is an unfortunate and often frustrating situation that is unfortunately becoming more common throughout the United States each year. As more and more children are faced with being raised in a single parent household, the effects of single parenting on children, the parent, and society are becoming clearer each day. Below you will find some of the most common effects that come from an increase of single parenting in the world today.

Single Parenting Effects on the Parents

Perhaps the most commonly recognized effects of single parenting are those that affect the parent involved. When a parent is suddenly faced with raising a family on their own, there are a wide number of issues they must deal with. First and foremost is the financial strain that will be placed upon their shoulders. More than 80 percent of single parents are women, and many of these women may have been out of the workforce for more than a year taking care of their children at home.

Even if a single parent can manage the financial strain well, there are other single parenting effects that they must deal with. Many parents must deal with pent up feelings of anger, resentment, and loss on a daily basis. They feel that they do not deserve to vent these feelings because they need to be strong for their children. This can lead to depression, anxiety, and even the venting of anger on their children as time goes on.

Effects of Single Parenting on Children

The effects of single parenting on children are often overlooked. When a couple splits up and goes their separate ways, children are often left to follow in line without any consideration for their feelings or thoughts. That is why the most common effect of landing in a single parent home is feelings of resentment and anger. Unlike adults, children will manage these feelings by acting out and getting involved in behaviors that are unsafe.

Unless a child is given the proper support and counseling they need in a single parent home, they are at an increased risk of teen pregnancy, doing drugs, becoming a criminal, and dropping out of school. If given the chance to express their feelings in a positive way however, children can experience positive effects of single parenting as well. These include gaining a stronger bond with their custodial parent, excelling in school and extracurricular activities, and dealing with future relationships in a healthy way.

Single Parenting Effects on Society

Society also faces some of the burden with the increase of single parent homes. Single parenting effects on society include an increase in public funds which must be used in order to help single parents financially, and increase in delinquent crimes, and an increase in the amount of money needed in order to collect child support from the non custodial parent.

Although the financial burden on society may be high, they are also given the opportunity to help and influence the future of the United States. More than 20 million children are being raised in single parent homes, and if they can get the help they need early on, they will be more likely to grow into productive members of society later on.

The effects of single parenting can be both good and bad for parents, children, and society. There is no doubt that the number of single parents is increasing each year. If given the right tools and support, these families can help form a strong and focused future for the nation.

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