The Myths And Facts About Single Parenting

Single parents are the largest group of individuals who are often misunderstood by society. This is due to a number of reasons, but mostly because of the lack of true information and facts about single parent families. One parent homes are no less healthy and happy for the most part than that of two family households, and the myths and facts below can prove it.

Myth: Single parents are lazy and live solely off of child support and money that they receive from the government. The majority of single parent homes are on welfare, and the parent does not work.

Fact: The above myth is in fact not true at all. The vast majority of single parent households support themselves completely. Of the over 13 million single parents in the United States, only around 30 percent of them receive any form of government assistance, and only 6 percent receive cash assistance.

Over forty percent of single parents do not receive child support each year though it is ordered, and more than that receive it inconsistently and not on time. These single parenting facts prove that most of these individuals are hard working and are capable or at least willing to support themselves.

Myth: The children in single parent homes are more likely to be involved in criminal or delinquent behavior and do poorly in school.

Fact: While it is true that a lack of supervision from a single parent due to a lack of childcare can give the child time to become involved in these activities, most single parent homes are very structured and disciplined. The majority of single parents take a greater investment of time in their children’s lives and have a more open relationship resulting in them coming to their parents with problems. Children from single parent homes are just as capable of excelling in school and upholding the law as those from two parent families.

Myth: Single parents have simply chosen the easy way out. They have chosen to raise their children in a broken home instead of putting forth the effort to work things out.

Fact: In most cases of single parent households, nothing could be father from the truth. Only one percent of single parent homes are caused by the death of a parent, so the majority of these homes were made through choice. While this much is true, most single parents made this choice in an effort to make things better for their children, and not necessarily themselves.

Taking on the burden of raising a family alone is a big task, and one that each single parent has to weigh closely before making their decision. According to the facts about single parenting, many single parents leave spouses who are abusive, involved in illegal activities, or otherwise threaten the happiness or safety of their children. They are doing what they feel is best for themselves.

Although it is easy to make assumptions about single parents due to a lack of information, it is not always right. Each single parent made the decision that they did out of necessity, because it was the best thing to do for their children. The facts about single parent families show that for the most part they live hard working, well adjusted and happy lives.

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